New Market Estates, 25 Heidelberg Avenue, Newmarket, Alberton
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Spinning & Squash

ALL MEMBERS are requested to take careful note of the following:

  1. ALL memberships include “free” Spinning and / or Squash facilities. Discs are provided for booking purposes.

  2. NO MEMBER may place his/her name next to any booking space WITHOUT providing a current . If a member disregards this his/her name will be deleted by MIKE or MEIS and the space made available for a member who does follow instructions regarding bookings.

  3. MEMBERS who have booked cycles or courts are required to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the booking, after which it will be given to a standby client.

  4. MEMBERS must wear proper attire and squash players MUST wear non marking shoes.

  5. SPINNING CYCLES have “wipe down” towels attached to them. Clients MUST wipe down their cycles after use.  The hygienic paper towel dispenser in the hall is for this purpose.

  6. SPINNING & SQUASH clients are requested to behaviour in an adult manner at all times.

  7. SQUASH clients are reminded that only 2 persons may be on any court at one time and for every person planning to play a separate fee is to be paid.

  8. SQUASH BOOKINGS may only be made hourly, part of an hour constitutes the entire hour