New Market Estates, 25 Heidelberg Avenue, Newmarket, Alberton
Telephone: 011 869 9904 • email:


The club endeavours to assist members in all ways. One of these is to avoid distraction by us providing a crèche facility.

Members are strongly requested to note the following:

  1. The “jungle – gym” is completely environmentally friendly and is constructed of re – cycled plastic bottles and packets and is non-toxic.

  2. SUPERVISION is provided from 17h00 to 20h00 Mondays to Thursdays and 17h00 to 18h00 on Fridays.

  3. A black – board with chalk is provided.

  4. A TV and VCR are provided.

  5. Different colouring-in sheets are available. A junior toilet / hand basin are provided. They are cleaned & disinfected 3 times daily.

Members are expressly reminded that unruly behaviour will not be tolerated. Even though supervision is offered parents are still responsible for the behaviour of their children. No child may move beyond the turnstile under any circumstances unless accompanied by a staff member of the club. If parents decide to allow their children to play on the outside jungle – gym, they accept full responsibility for their safety and behaviour. Unruly actions such as running through gardens or ANY other non-acceptable act will be severely dealt with.